April 21 & 22, 2018
09:00am - 6:00pm
Majestics Car Club
52nd Annual Car Show
Regina Exhibition Park
Seven Oaks Inn - 777 Albert Street,
Regina, SK

April 29, 2018
08:00am - 3:30pm
Nifty Fifty’s Ford Club
Spring Thaw 2018
Heritage Park
1900 Heritage Dr., SW
Calgary AB

May 04  & 05, 2018
Friday 04,  3:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday 05, 8:00am - 4:00pm
Central Alberta Vintage Auto Club (CAVAC)
9th Annual Antique Car Swap Meet
4847A 19 Street
Red Deer, AB

May 25 & 26, 2018
Friday 25, 2:00pm - 9:0 pm
Saturday 26, 08:00am - 4:00pm
Jellybean AutoCrafters
Coastal Swap Meet
Abbottsford Tradex
190 Cornell St,
Abbotsford, BC

June 02, 2018
09:00am - 4:30pm
Chipman Car Crafters
8th Annual Swap Meet
Chipman Agricultural Grounds
4722 - 51 St
Chipman, AB

July 08, 2018
Sunday 8:00am - 4:00pm
Bug Out 37
A Show & Shine and parts swap/vending
For air and water-cooled Volkswagens 100-150 cars
Kitchener/Waterloo & Area VW Bug Club 
2001 Kressler Road
Waterloo, ON

June 09 & 10, 2018
Timings to follow at a later date
Reynolds-Alberta Museum
Ultimate Car Show
CAMOil Presentation in the theatre June 9th and 10th
6426 40 Ave,
Wetaskiwin, AB


We are pleased to share the following comments and testimonials from a sample of our many satisfied customers:

I love this oil so much I bought 2 cases of CAMOil. I asked Larry to pose with my car.

CAMOil Customer
I love this oil for my 68 Olds. Less oil consumption and quieter than regular oil. Plus my spring start up was nice and quiet. No waiting for the lifters to get oil and quiet down. I highly recommend the product. A lot of guys in the MB Olds Car Club are using it. (D. Lenton, VP MB Olds Car Club)

CAMOil Customer
"Sean and his 1952 Olds Super 88. Support your local business. CAMOil made specifically for my car and yours. No worries with oil!"

CAMOil Customer
"Wayne Harris says, " My wagon was leaving a blue cloud every time I would step on it or went to pass. I tried several of the major brands that stated that their oil would be just right for my engine. It was only when I used CAMOil, Collector Automobile Motor Oil that the problem went away. I am a true believer in CAMOil for my engine from now on."

CAMOil Customer
"The right amount of ZDDP in Collector Automobile Motor Oil. Why would you use anything else?" Chris.

CAMOil Customer
"CAMOil works good for me in my 1977 Trans-AM SE," raves Dave.

CAMOil Customer
Ken states, "With CAMOil I am very,very happy."

CAMOil Customer
"CAMOil, it's the oil I use," comments Mark.

CAMOil Customer
"I purchased a 1929 Dodge Brothers Senior Six in 2009, an original car with 23,000 miles on it. The engine smoked a little on initial start-up as the car had not been run extensively for a few years. When I changed the oil, I put in the Collector Automobile Motor Oil, and with running and driving the car in the 2011 car season for the first time, this engine now runs smoothly, and no longer smokes upon start up.

I use this oil in all of my Dodge Brothers cars, and have been very happy with the performance it has given. A great product Highly recommended for all collector vehicles."

Bill Gess: Technical Advisor - Dodge Brothers Club

CAMOil Customer
Bob agrees that, "CAMOil really works."

CAMOil Customer
Harold says, "I had a noticeable performance increase after 100 miles with CAMOil."

CAMOil Customer
Ken with his 1963 Jaguar states, "I have used Collector Automobile Motor Oil for a couple of years now. It is the only oil I will put in my automobiles."

CAMOil Customer
Mark says, "I now will only use Collector Automobile Motor Oil in my cars."

CAMOil Customer
Ian and his son Keith enjoy cruising in their 1970 Olds 442 W25 ram air 4-speed car. Since the switch to CAMOil Ian noticed a smoother running engine, with less valvetrain noise, and improved oil pressure.

CAMOil Customer

This is Ray Chudley's 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner. Powered by a 440 Six pack with a four speed, Ray relies on CAMOil to keep his engine running strong.

CAMOil Customer

Scott Lobson owns this 1980 Alfa Romeo Spider. He drives it daily in the summer, and relies on CAMOil to keep it running smoothly.

CAMOil Customer

This is Glen Zirk's beautiful 69 Roadrunner 383. Since changing to CAM Oil Glen has noticed a smoother running engine.

CAMOil Customer

This is Don Scharf's 1956 Olds 98 Holiday Coup with a rebuilt 324 Rocket Engine. Don had been concerned with a noisy engine, especially after 'startup'. Don's fears were put to rest after switching to CAM Oil. Don reports his engine is running smooth, and quiet now.

CAMOil Customer

Thought the engine had a dead cylinder or it was almost seized. I let the oil sit and ran high test gas through it. Love this oil. 1980 Monte Carlo.

CAMOil Customer

Original owner couldn't believe it was the same car he sold me. Runs smooth, no smoke, less leaks. I'm using it in all my classic cars.

CAMOil Customer

My first motor the cam got eaten but now with this tried and true oil I don't have to worry. Thanks, Jeff from toon town.

CAMOil Customer

After spending many hours researching motor oils for my flat tappet, air cooled VW, I chose CAM Oil. No more additives, no more racing oil, no more diesel oil for me. I feel that I am using the most correct, high quality motor oil available on the market for my application and bonus, it is Made in Canada. Hank.

CAMOil Customer

Sam, owner of Epic Rod and Custom says, "Collector Automobile Motor Oil (CAMOil), the most trusted oil for flat tappet engines."

CAMOil Customer

Terry from New Brunswick says, "I love flat tappets and now I use the best oil available, to protect them against wear."

CAMOil Customer